Hi folks!

I am 57, married with a daughter, two sons and 7 grandchildren - who all reside in the UK. Several years ago,I moved to Egypt when my husband took a teaching post in Cairo.It was there that I experienced the first signs of PD, although I didn't realise it at the time. Five doctors in Egypt and the UK noticed the tremor in my left hand but failed to recognise the cause.I was prescribed medication for anxiety.

We moved to Bucharest in August 2010 where,finally,I was diagnosed. During the summer, we return to the UK for a couple of months and there is no shortage of support - but it can get a bit lonely in Romania, with only my husband and consultant to talk to.

So...if anyone here fancies a chat from time to time, it would be great. Before moving abroad, I designed and made alternative bridal gowns. Since leaving, I have written a novel and am designing a collection of alternative jewellery. I like to keep busy!!
Hi mads,

Welcome to the forum. It does sound like you have a lot on and it's great that you stay busy. It can sometimes be lonely moving to a foreign country. It's great that you're making the best of it.

You're not alone, though. There are a few people on the forum who live abroad and pop in to talk to others here.

Do take a look around and get settled in.

Hi Ezinda!

Thank you for the welcoming msg - it will probably take me a while to familiarise myself with the forum, but I'll get there eventually. I set myself many tasks each day. It would be impossible to complete them all, but they help to prevent me from having negative thoughts and panic attacks, for which I also take medication.

Meanwhile, it's good to know there are others in similar situations that I can chat with.
Thanks again,
Hi, mads -- I'm also new to the forum and like to chat. You've been all over the world with your PD. My case has only lived in California and Oregon, but it has been in existence 15 years now. My start with doctors was similar to yours in that they knew a lot less about PD than they pretended to. I had to go to a research clinic for movement disorders before I began to get good treatment. I've been exceptionally lucky in responding to my meds and exercise, so my life hasn't changed much. But I know how out-of-place I can feel in foreign countries, and I doubt I could cope as well as you seem to be doing. Wishing you joy and an end to anxiety . . .