Magazine survey?

I’ve just been reading the latest issue of The Parkinson magazine and included in it is a survey about the magazine but at the top of the survey, people are asked to fill it in online at
I’ve looked and looked for the link - and tried every variation of the search terms that I could think of at stupid o’clock last night - and I really cannot locate it.
It’s silly because I’m not even sure that I will fill it in but it’s now become a mission just to find the link! I’m sure it will be there and it’s probably in a really obvious place - but I just don’t know where that is:-S

Hi @Jackson, I can get to the survey just by clicking on the link you have put in your post!

Oh dear, I like to think that I’m sure it wasn’t doing that before but I seriously doubt my abilities to navigate any website successfully so who knows :-S
Many thanks for replying,

Maybe one of the moderators spotted your post and corrected the link :grinning:

:smiley: I prefer that explanation to the one linked to my innate doziness but it is weird because that link now works but there’s no ‘blurb’ or information to explain anything about it and I can’t find any reference to this survey anywhere else on the website - though that doesn’t mean it’s not there of course. I thought that the Parkinson Magazine Team wanted feedback however I could easily be wrong and I can’t check because I dropped my magazine in the bath :-S
Ah well, off to focus on tidying and financial matters and everything I’m avoiding by trying to solve the various mysteries of the website :slight_smile: