Magic headphones

Wireless headphones are intended to be used to take music all around the house
and garden. The are sold in lots of places, I got a pair cheap from a supermarket.
Put the headphones on then off tune them 'til you get a hiss sound, we can call
this "white noise"
I find the noise improves getting up from a fall or from a chair/bed etc.
Walking eating and narrow places.
Why not give it a try ? My results are worth thile and no side effects AND
if it dosn't work for you , you can still play music with them !!
reminiscent of the blue light effect of other threads. wouldnt want to mix them both together tho!
I suppose the brain may be distracted by the buzz and may go into automatic pilot. I'm not quite at the stage to try it out.
Yes I was thinking of the Blue glasses experiment too (on this Forum a few weeks ago)!