I suffered terribly with severe leg cramps and added a supplement to my daily routine. It certainly helped . Although I still got the odd session of cramps , particularly after doing a lot of leg work. I was reading an article online today which gave about 10symptoms that could be a sign of Mg deficiency. Most of which i have had at some time. I thought it was only to ease off cramping but I was surprised at the other symptoms, like, insomnia, tingling of the extremities, leg tremors, nausea, loss of appetite, low moods. Obviously ,It could be other reasons for these symptoms. I have not had a test done but I am going to have one now. Has anybody looked into their magnesium levels?

I haven’t had my magnesium levels checked but my Parkinson’s nurse suggested I take a magnesium supplement because I was complaining of leg cramps and it does seem to have made a big difference.

You could also top up your potassium levels with some vegetables, beans and lentils.

yes, and methane levels too

I have had PD tremors for almost two years. I get tremors to my left hand and by the evening my hand and wrist aches. I use magnesium spay and massage the liquid into my hand for about two or three minutes and after about twenty minutes the hand feels better. Oddly massage by itself is not so effective.