Good morning all A friend of mine who suffers from restless legs was recently on Ropinerole .She read an article on magnesium and the benefits of taking this supplement along with B6 After a bad period of tremor's my self I decided to try magnesium after looking up the advantages on the web I have been taking it for a month now 200mg and my tremor is virtually non I still get it if i get really tense but this is acceptable .Has anyone else tried or taking any other supps .After reading the other post I have this week started taking omega 3.By the way I DID CHECK WITH MY PHARMACIST first to make sure it did not interfere with my prescribed drugs ANGEL4U..
Hi, I read your postings with interest. I am interested in learning more about how magnesium has helped to alleviate parkinson's. Thanks
I take magnesium on my naturopath's advice (along with omega oils and othet stuff) I have found that calcium and magnesium help prevent cramps so that sounds similar thing to your restless legs problem.
Rather than take anything anyone else recommends it might be better to consult a naturopath who will put a package together for you, probably after doing a blood test or some other investigation.
I too have been reading up today pwp and magnesium, it looks positive, I'll be calling pd nurse to find out her opinion for my individual needs. I wouldn't go ahead with it as I've got other health issues and on lots of different meds.A big thantyou for giving us this information.
I meant; I wouldn't go ahead with it without professional advice