Magnisium supplent in water filters meds inactive

The last few weks have beeen hell for me and my family i was diagnosed in 2013 and it was progessing and i was adapting then suddenly two weeks ago my symptoms dramatically incxreased tenfold I had lost my abilty to funtion to walk to think i was living in a fog world falling over I contacted the local Parkinsons nurse and she put it down constaption which i was sufferring with. I am methodical in timing my meds so noth was wrong there it was like they were just not working
I finally pinned it down i had bought a new water filter with a new type filter unbeknown it was full of extra MAGNESIUM which toaly stopped my dopamine meds Ive written to the company i dont blame them as it was stated but what worries me is how many poeple with water filters are having thev same probs so check your water filters

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It sounds like things have been especially rough for you recently and I hope you get the support you need from us as well as other members on the forum.

This is a really interesting discovery that you’ve shared with us and I’m sure other members will find this interesting.

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Wow! How interesting my husband sometimes tells me that his meds are not working !!
I’m interested if our new filter the water board put in last year might be his problem .
Is there any magnesium tester I can buy too find out ???