Making 2 Critical Illness claims for the same condition?

I’ve recently made a successful Critical Ilness claim through my employer’s group scheme.

I’ve just noticed my mortgage endowment policy includes Critical Illness cover also. I’d like to make a claim on this policy too, however I answered “No” to the following question from my employer’s scheme.

“Are you insured for similar benefits with any other company?”.

If I make a second claim do I have to inform my employer’s group scheme? If so - do you think they’ll ask for a repayment?
I’ve told the endowment company: they weren’t interested.
I think if I ask my employer’s group scheme - it’ll be like stirring the hornets’ nest. Any thoughts or experience?


Hi @RBDPatient

Thank you for your post, this sounds like a legal problem and whilst I am sure some one on the forum will share their experiences, maybe for your own peace of mind it would be wise to speak to Citizens Advice Beauru for some general advice on this subject.

I hope this helps


Sue - moderation team