Making a Difference

Have you ever wondered if you could make a difference….
We are launching a brand new website very soon, which will grab your interest ….. we cannot wait to see how people will react and get involved.
Maybe you have experienced the difference between - the enjoyment of a good giggle or shedding a few sad tears - the joy of living or not wanting to live at all – being in the enviable position of joining in with a ball game or not being able to take part at all - the absolute joy of seeing loving caring people around you or not wanting to face anyone at all – the satisfied feeling of being well nourished or going hungry….
Meals on Wheels make that difference. Meals on Wheels who are a non-profit organisation and who promote health, independence and well being by preparing and delivering affordable, nutritious balanced meals to those who need their selfless caring service. But how can one get involved, we are all so busy leading hectic lives that maybe once in a while a fleeting thought goes out to those who would simply love to experience a better life and that is as far as it goes.
You could make that fleeting thought a reality with one simple gesture. Meals on Wheels brings so much joy to those who are less fortunate and they have everything in place to provide a giving, caring service, allowing the elderly to feel that they are not alone in this world, that people care about them. To see the joy on the faces of the elderly when Meals on Wheels arrive to deliver their meals, with love and a caring, warm smile, is quite remarkable.
There are those elderly who cannot cook for themselves, and those who simply do not have the means to do so, and those who are homeless. This organisation accepts minimal payment from those who can afford to pay, and delivers meals free of charge for those who cannot afford it.
Many of us know the feeling of having skipped a meal or two at some stage in our lives, and I think we can agree that it causes us to feel that we are non functional, irritable and weak, but I don`t think that we can begin to imagine what it would be like to go hungry every day, and the warm loving gesture on the part of Meals on Wheels makes these people feel worthwhile again.
Meals on Wheels have also undertaken a project of painting and repairing houses for the elderly, the results of which can be seen on facebook. These elderly people do not have the means or the ability to tend to these chores themselves and to help the elderly in this way is quite phenomenal.
Meals on Wheels have branches all over the world and in South Africa, have been in operation since 1939, which tells us that they are an organisation which is extremely well managed. They rely on donations from the public and businesses, so all one has to do is make donations, and Meals on Wheels have all the services in place to deliver wonderful nutritious meals to the elderly. So many of these elderly have worked hard all their lives and thought that they had provided well for their retirement, only to find that they simply cannot manage on their pensions.
Good nutrition changes lives, and we encourage everyone to learn more about Meals on Wheels, and to become involved as a donor, a member or as a volunteer. It only takes a few minutes to act now, so don`t put it aside for later.