Making guitar playing easier for Parkinson's

Hi Reader, my name is Nick. I wanted to know if anyone had any tips that helped them play guitar easier. My dad has Parkinson’s and recently it has gotten harder and harder for him to play, he stopped playing because it was hard for him. The last time I visted we talked how as a kid he always wanted a Gretch Hollow body (electric guitar with steel strings) and how he never bought one. I wanted to get him one as a gift for his birthday that is coming up. Realized that it would be even harder to play because of the steel strings (he usually plays classical with nylon strings). I am a guitarist myself but thought it would be better to hear from other guitarists with Parkinson’s to see what they did to play easier. I was thinking about restringing it to a lighter gauge but thought I would ask you guys and see what tips you guys have.

Hi Nick,
We saw this was your first post and wanted to welcome you to our lovely forum community. You’re sure to hear from other musicians soon; this is not an uncommon subject. However we would like you to be aware of our website at which, among news, research, and events schedules, etc, you can also find archived forum discussions like this one: Guitar playing with Parkinson's Disease. You can also pop ‘guitar’ or the like into the search box in the upper right corner on this page or the front page of the site for more results. We also have a free and confidential helpline that offers a range of services including locating support groups and other assistance in your area. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303.
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