Making the bed

I don't have a tremor, but quite bad bradykinesia (slow response/ movement down right side) and need some advice on bed making please.

Stripped the bed earlier today and did the washing. Came upstairs to put clean sheets on, after our evening meal and it took me three quarters of an hour just to put on 2 pillow cases, 1 fitted sheet and a duvet cover! I was exhausted afterwards and almost in tears wrestling with the b****y duvet cover. So, having made it, I'm now in it!!

Does anyone have any tricks or tips on making this job easier? Might have to go back to sheets and blankets otherwise!


H Twinks 

Bed making is a huge challenge these days. Three quarters of an hour sounds quite good going to me! I can only suggest getting somebody to help you, provided they go at your pace, I did sew tapes onto the duvet and inside top corners of some of the covers, so can put cover on inside out, tie them to each other, and then pull cover down over the duvet. OK in theory, but now even that is exhausting, especially with a heavier winter duvet. And turning the mattress is a complete impossibility for me, it is sooooooo heavy, a very deep five footer! My partner does it, when asked, and I usually get my cleaner to help me do the sheets etc. Can't believe how difficult it is to put a pillow case on.

In fact having a cleaner is a new thing for me - she does two and a half hours a week, vacuums through, dusts, does bathroom and cloakroom, kitchen etc. I just got to a point where I was so slow that I would have spent all week doing that amount, and had terrible backache tool. My taps have never been so shiny!. And I have managed to get back into my studio, having done no painting for well over a year. So, I may be poorer but my head is in a much better place!

Best wishes and sleep well! 

Hi Supa,

Pleased to hear it's not just me, (not actually happy for either of us, really)!

Have tried the tapes idea, but didn't seem to help much. I used to have a cleaner, until she moved to another area, but hubby was never keen on paying someone to do what he thought we could do between us. That's half a Scotsman for you!! May work on him, or ask him to do more chores, until he gives in. Our house is just too big for me to manage.......not to mention the huge garden.

As for the bed making, I ended up going in the spare room to sleep last night, due to OH snoring! Oh well, that's yet another bed to change, before we have more visitors!!



3/4 of a hour is good going it would be the only job of the day for me as i would be knackered as well, it takes me 3/4 sometimes just to tie a hook on too nylon for fishing, i could do it any old way but any old way isnt how my ability was once.

my duvet (warm as toast) has lines down it so i know which way is lengthways, holding one corner of the duvet i draw that eventually down and into the bottom corner of the cover while trying hold the cover as it does, and then pull up, and repeat the same with the other corner,  holding onto both corners and if i still have some energy throw  and give a good shake, it might then look reasonable, doing up the covers buttons/snappers is a job in itself.


getting in the bed and out again are my very worst, followed by changing the sheets.  In fact,  I don't usually have to do this so I'd  better shut up and get on with it! 

All the best stop