Making us stronger

Hi bettyblue

Was that the start of an idea?



I presume this was looking for responses?

I think that having this forum makes us stronger, as we are having discussions with others in the same situation.  



i actually do not remember starting this post ?


BB x


Suppose it brings to mind the saying 

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" ☺

thats true xx


we can be stronger by accepting we all are different not in a bad way we all have different opinion and we need to accept it if we are proven to be wrong.



Hi bettyblue

Just wrote you a long post about censership  on the forum but my post suddenly vanished and i was dumped out into the forum ,,,,,,,,,,,,,censord i guess  i suppose the needs of the few outweighe the silence of the tolarant.

Cant see the point in this fourms creative  or social pages so will drop in only when i need info

Take care my freinde ride free even if you cant speeke free lol    Cc x

Hi CC,

As far as we’re aware no one has removed your post or booted you off the forum.

Best wishes,
Digital Team

Hi Betty Blue

I havent been on the forum for quite awhile because I decided to make a 2015 bucket list.  This included writing a book, finding time for my art and finally losing some weight.  I am coming to the end of the book just getting someone else to read through it for any mistakes and ideas and then I will take it to the printers.  My home background was one of living in a dysfunctional family whilst growing up and before someone coined the phrase.  I have found it quite carthartic.  I have nearly an aviary of my drawings of birds.  So - has it made me any stronger -YES IT HAS.  I havent had time to dwell on the fact that my parkinsons has got worse - just carry on taking the tablets which are working for me up to now.  As for the weight, well cant do everything and there is still a few months to go before the end of the year.

Love to hear of anybody else's experiences or ideas

Best wishes