Managing daily meds!

Hi all, hope you’re keeping as well as can be.

About a month ago I invested in a black Pivotell vibrating reminder watch. It’s a great little piece of equipment and I was able to set six alarms on it to let me know as to when I needed to take my tablets. Really good bit of kit!

Due to my husband buying me an iWatch which does the same thing, it’s now surplus to requirements.

I don’t wish to sell it, I’d just like to give it to somebody who will find it useful to them!
If you are interested, please message me - the first to message me privately, I will post the watch on to. UK address only! :rofl:

I do hope this is allowed on the forum… Just like it to go to a good home! :blush:

Is it still available please.

Apologies @Pearl1, it’s gone :neutral_face: