Managing protein

Managing Protein and Sinemet meds.

Would I be right in thinking - Limit as far as possible protein intake 1 hour before meds and 2 hours after meds. Out with these times protein can be taken without impacting Sinemet efficacy. ??

I find that it’s the other way around. I can take the Sinemet half an hour before a meal containing protein but have to wait at least two hours afterwards.

Hello Ev and Singing Gardener, my husband takes Sinemet and then waits at least half an hour (an hour if he can) then eats. It’s a pain when going out for meals as we’re ruled by his meds! As his dosage is 7am 12noon and 5pm we have had to get into a routine whereby his meds are taken before we eat. Can be tricky especially if eating out with others. It would be great if a once-a-day drug could be developed so we can get on with our lives without constantly looking at the time before we plan anything! He was told to take the Sinemet with a glass of orange juice as it helps the meds work faster. It was a PD nurse who suggested it Anyone else heard this? Good luck. Jean

Hi Jean1 and Singing Gardener, thank you for your responses.

I was diagnosed in March this year. My Sinemet is 12.5/50, 2 tablets taken at 6.30am, 2pm and 1030pm.
After the 6.30am, i go back to bed until 8am breakfasting around 8.30ish. Lunch is typically about 1pm with second dose of Sinemet at Evening meal 5 to 5.30ish final Sinemet at 1030pm.

No mention of orange juice,although I did read lemon juice being suggested for same reason.

Have a good day. ev