Managing the pain from Parkinsons?

Having read lots of posts on this Forum tonight, it is slowly dawning on me that that my mum's pain is related to Parkinsons.  I previously thought it was due to other issues.

Mum has pain in the groin/ leg/ buttock and hip.  It is a pulling/ shooting pain and makes her cry.  She is on Paracetamol four times a day as a base, and now trying to speak to the doctor to work out what to do next.

My questions are:-

-  If mum gets one of those adjustable beds, will that help her to sleep better?  Is it good to be able to have your legs higher than your head sometimes to aleviate pain?

-  When mum gets pain, will a hot water bottle and a massage with Ibruprofen gel help or is it all to do with the brain messages and therefore this will do nothing?

-  Has anyone else had hip problems with Parkinsons?  Is it safe to have a hip replacement in this situation?

-  What does anyone else do to manage the main?  Any tips?  I really don't want mum to go onto Morphine again as it wasn't good for her (hallucinations/ delusions and constipation).

Appreciate your help/ advice.

Hi Londoner

I know that there are others who can offer you tips on this forum and I suspect they'll be along. 

In the meantime, I just wanted to pop along and say that pain in Parkinson's can be complex. But as a start, take a look at our recent Q&A on Pain in Parkinson's. You can also call one of the nurses on our helpline at 0808 800 0303. 

Take care



Hi Londoner,


I have a lot of pain with my PD.  I find that taking painkillers which contain Caffein and Codein help me more than anything.  If I use a hot water bottle that also helps and I occassionally use a heat pad to sit on.  My GP gave me  some Feldine [Piroxicam]  which is a gel and also helps from time to time.

Hope your Mum feels better soon,


Kind regards





My mum has had Parkinson's for over 10 years and had a hip replacement. She was ok but struggled when taken off her Parkinson's meds during recovery time.


I have heard good things about Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Pain courses (HQ Breathworks Manchester)... its getting quite common aroud the uk.  Cousrses that is !

Its a tad hippy/Buddhist but seems to help !


Andy - Ojala



Hi Londoner,

I've always had a lot of pain in lower back and legs  since I developed PD.

I take painkillers for it also I find that rubbing Feldene onto the area helps at times.  I get that on 'script' from my  GP