Mandatory reconsideration

my name is Yvonne, and hubby has PD, he originally was awarded pip on enhanced daily living and standard mobility, recently had an atos assesment In December, and has now been awarded nothing on either. He had an addenbrookes cognitive test in november with a score of 77/100, which suggests dementia, pd nurse has refered him to mental health, he has asked for a mandatory reconsidration, as the report was totaly different to the assessment, report stated he had no tremor, he actually pin rolls and has uncontrolable jerks, and he cannot prepare or make a meal, which we inform assesor of and she has stated he can make a meal with adaptations. The report is completly differen to what was discussed. If we send in a strong letter with the help of our parkinsons support worker and gp, will they use these as evidence? JusT was wondering if any one had a similar experience and has had any success with reconsideration. His pd nurse suggested that he appears to have lewy bodies 

Thanks in advance



Hi Yvonne,

I'm sorry that you and your husband are going through difficulties with his assessment and report. Hopefully other members of the forum can share their experiences of the reconsideration process, but in any case it's worth remembering that our trained advisers can help with benefit matters, so it's worth giving us a free and confidential call on 0808 800 0303 (line open Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm) to see we can help you navigate this issue.

Best wishes,
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Hi tronny

I can relate to what your saying as I had the same thing happen to me , I was turned down for pip after a home assessment ,the report was full of wrong information and seemed fixated on the fact that I was clean and tidy , why that should matter I don't really know ?

The PD support worker was great and did a mandatory reconsideration with letters from the Neuro and memory clinic " I to have Lewy body dementia" that resulted in enhanced rate living and mobility though only awarded for two years ? Don't know if they think I will get better or just don't understand the term degenerative ? 

Hope things work out for you   Live well. Cc


If i ever apply for PiP i must remember to have a home visit then i must remember to leave soiled pants on every opportunity the assessor has to be seated apon a bean/egg/ coffee stained outfit will complete the look. i will have trained the dog too  let them in as i can't safely and repeatedly stumble the short distance of 3 steps too the door. tea n biscuits i will offer if they make it last washed up 3 yrs ago and biscuits of course will be those from the dawgs bowl. ;)

My local PD GROUP News letter tells me title Support worker is to be changed too 'local advisor'  and are too be rolled out, due to demand they'll be "new benefits and employment advisers'' to apparently support the 'local advisers'.

I hope they'll be well versed in the 'Perverse' tricks of the DWP.

Hi cheshire cat,

This has given us some hope, spoke to parkinsons advisor this afternoon and he will hElp with letter. We did request a home visit but tis was Refused....atos was the company who did the meeting, and it was awful so condraticted  everthing, would not let me speak and the said i didnt prompt hubby to make eye contact....absolute farse.....hope it goes well what you have said has given me some hope ....fingers crossed x




I was criticised in the report on one of my assessments for been clean and well dressed. My reply was simple and to the point. I have standards and my wife makes sure I keep them, I would consider it bad manners on my part to attend at a doctors or similar venue without making an effort.

I realise not everyone has the help I do so please note I'm not intending to put anyone down,

Hi drifflad

 Yep I said much the same when I have to go to appointments and such like I always make an effort to polish up a bit LOL well that's what my other half calls it , I used to work as an hgv engineer but pd and the onset of LBD has put payed to that , but I'm always tinkering with something oily or dirty as that's what I enjoy doing most and now I have dr orders to keep doing it as long as possible LOL much to my long suffering wife's dismay she's always trying to get me out of my oily jeans and grubby sweat tops , but with no real progress .

anyway I digress maybe if I had worn my every day clothes the assessor might have thought I needed the extra help and I'd have been awarded pip without the stress of a reconsideration ,

   Live well. Cc


I should jolly well think that most people would follow both your examples, but alas some these days don't, which is in a way a shame. But in a way it is'nt about the way you dress it is about your health is'nt it??


Hi sheffy

   Yep I thought so to but if you had read the tone of the report you might have thought differently like I did , it repeated 4-5 times that I well presented tidy and clean shaven, what it didn't say was the time my oh spent laying out my clothes and helping me get into them lol.  Or how exhausted I was after my shower and shave.

   Hope things are going well with you , I must revisit the never ending story soon lol see if it can be resurrected again!  I'm doing better so it might be worth a go .

 Anyway take care.  Cc


Hi Chesh, I'm not three bad, glad you are doing a bit better though. I agree with you, those who do the reports don't actually see behind the scenes ie., the effort put into making yourself look presentable, we still have our pride after all don't we.

Regards Sheffy  

Hi Cheshire Cat, i too tinker with many things, my old bicycle, bits of wood etc. Although achieving anything is a long journey I find that it keeps the mind active and helps with fine movements.I'm glad  your doctor endorses it, not all help comes in the form of pills

Hi drifflad

  yep know what you mean what took me ten mins now takes me all day LOL, I have the thumbs up from the nuro and memory clinic so I'm well set ,lol I'm more into land rovers and motor bikes though my participation is mainly teaching others how to do the physical work, I have several mates who have joined me in a sort of men's shed where we build and repair stuff , though a fair amount of Coffee and tea are consumed and there is always a biscuit to tide us over till tea time lol,

   Live well.  Cc