MANF again

Yet again another very positive result of MANF. But beware ...

In the neuroprotection study, MANF was delivered into the substantia nigra shortly before injection of the toxin 6-OHDA into the striatum.

And this is what I was complaining about in another thread. Besides that, these experiments where they pretreat an animal before toxication ... I don't see the purpose of this. Do they want to pretreat healthy people with MANF to avoid they will get PD ? I don't think this is the right way to determine neuroprotection.

If in real PD alpha-synuclein is present and if it is true that alpa-synuclein blocks the positive effect of neurotrophin factors, than the value of this research is almost zero. This is just to create extra papers and to get their stocks higher. If they wanted real results, they would test this on an alpha-synuclein model. But if that test fails, their stock will crash.