Mannitol and coconut oil



Just published my latest vlog about mannitol and coconut oil, and their possible effect on Parkinson's disease.



Hi. Just watched your vlog. I'll watch with interest how things progress with the coconut oil especially. Good luck. Im coming up to 8 months diagnosed and on low dose meds. I want to stay on a low dose as long as possible. DivineR


Thanks. I understand about wanting to stay on low meds - I'm still not taking any prescription meds, and long may it stay this way. 



Yes I agree and thankfully my consultant doesn't rush to increase them either. I also feel alot stronger after yoga and walking. Guess it's a ' try everything before you discount them!' DivineR


Absolutely!  What works for one person may not work for another, and vice versa. We are all individuals, and PD is a very individual illness. 




More info - probably the research Selfbuilder saw - but broken down for lesser minds like mine

google "science of parkinson's mannitol"


Hope links like this are appropriate


 Hello Ian,


Did you finally get some relief from manitol? 






Hi Asun

The only change I have noticed since taking mannitol is my sense of smell, which has definitely improved, and continues to improve.  For me, that is reason enough to continue taking it.