Manuka honey

Morning,I've started taking Manuka honey active +15. one teaspoon full in a morning. I don't know if it is doing me any good,but it don't half taste good. Any one else take it, if so what strength?
I,ve still got some Fine Fare Yellow lable. Its not made from Manuka bushes, tastes like weeds from a toxic landfill site, but it was half price.
It's expensive stuff isn't it? I have a jar but strictly for medicinal purposes such as a cold or sore throat. Don't know if it would help Parkinson's. Might be worth putting it through clinical trials.
manuka honey used to be just an excedingly tasty spread for toast until the Waikato Honey Research Unit ( turned it into a million dollar medicinal spread.
Seemingly its very good on cuts. You can also use it for eye infections but that can result in falls and collisions.
How is it meant to help pd? There's no mention of pd on the WHRU site.
Yes I give my h manuka honey, I dont think it has anything that specifically helps pd I think its just that if you have a good healthy diet then it helps your body which is trying to cope despite pd, I think if you eat badly then its just another thing for the body to have to cope with. I give my h manuka honey, and all sorts of indian herbs and spices that help his digestion etc, like exercise is important and getting some kind of a massage helps a lot. love sunray