Marni Jenkins Support

Hi All,
In previous posts I have mentioned that I will be going to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol to look into possibilities of deep brain stimulation.
We live in Torquay and the return fares for the 2 of us are in excesss of £70.00.
We can't book in advance because you have to phone on the day for bed availabilty.
We were told that The Marni Jenkins Fund helps members (and non members)with Parkinson's related needs.
I submitted the form and was refused help.
I was told that if I wanted a holiday, they could help but not with fares and assistance for treatment.
Am I missing something?
I have now returned our membership cards and feel very let down.

Hi mach1
We are in a similar situation - we have to go from the Sussex coast to CX hospital in London this Tuesday - my husband has to stay for 3 days for MRI, DATSCAN and various other tests IF a bed is available. This will be our second visit and like you it cost over £70 for the first trip. We have yet a third trip at the end of August.
Earlier I had posted to see if any one knew of any assistance with this sort of thing and one forum member said in her experience the Red Cross have helped in the past, presumably you pay the expenses but possibly a more convenient way to travel. I must admit I have not done anything about it so can only pass on the telephone number if you would like to enquire. It is 01634 821530 - their hours are 10 - 4pm Mon. to Fri. and 10 am to 1 pm on Sats. The main problem is that until you know there is a bed available, it is difficult to make arrangements.
I hope this is helpful.