Massage for Parkinson’s

Hi Everyone

My Father has been diagnosed with PD for over 10years now, we have just about tried everything and anything to help ease pain etc.

Recently we were told a massage could be a small help to. I am looking to get this sorted for him however I have no idea what type of massage to book.

I would appreciate it greatly if anyone had any advice for this. :grinning:

I had sports massages (deep tissue), to ease my neck and back stiffness pre diagnosis before i had a clue what was wrong with me. Sorry to say but it didnt really do anything for me.

I also tried more relaxing massages on holiday recently and although it felt good at the time it didnt really do much.

Worth a try but dont set yourself any great expectations.

Thank you so much mate
Will give something a go.
Anything’s worth a try

Hi @PhilC91,

Just a quick note to let you know that we have a ‘Complimentary therapies’ section on our website which has a lot of useful information which I’m sure will be helpful to you. You can find the page here -

Feel free to @ me if you have any questions. :blush:

Best wishes,

I have a massage every 3 weeks to relieve my back stress. It helps free me up. I do still work in my pub so I’m on my feet for long hours. I wake every morning aching all over. As I do my stretch exercises I free up. The best I can explain it’s like a car with a choke ( if your old enough to remember them). I get my movements back and the ache subsides. The massage is like a cars sevice. She realigns me. I used the same therapist for the first 5 years until she retired. She knew exactly what to do. My current one is still learning my issues. At £40 ag it’s not cheap but I think it’s wirth it for me

I see my Chiropractor at least once a month. Her massage and acupuncture free up all the tight muscles in my neck and left shoulder and helps reverse my forward head posture with the excercises she gives me as homework. She also pointed me in the right direction when I mentioned cbd oil which i take twice daily. She is well worth the £30 a visit. I am moving home shortly and hope i can find a chiropractor as good in Telford.