Had a normal massage as I felt knotted up & stiff .So had 45 minutes and my right leg had a bit of dyskinesa within in ten minutes she stopped my leg from moving about. When I Said to her she said she could see that my leg had stopped. She said she as a old boy who comes to her and he shaking all over within 10 minutes he stops :raised_hand: my body has never felt better my walking feels great :+1: it was for 45min £42.50 money well spent another 2 weeks time she said see how I feel and might only need one once a month .As anybody had same experience feels like pduk should be looking into this research :thinking:


My husband Has PD and has regular leg massages with a professional therapist. They give him great relief but she has to be careful not to overdo it as that can cause his spasms to exacerbate. I often use our own massage machine (bought from Amazon) which also gives him relief. He even tried Reiki yesterday and was totally relaxed, so I would agree massage and holistic therapies play a massive part in giving my husband the much needed relief he needs.

Take care

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Thanks for the reply I also have sauna, steam room and exercise in pool I’ve pd now 15 years on a cocktail of meds also had dbs for 9yrs also have lower back pain which have regular injection but have decided to finish them as I’m getting relief from exercise and heat from sauna last time they hit nerve in back agony I was in so bit reluctant even get pain going in jacuzzi as that hurts to much. So best keep fighting :muscle: and best luck to your husband 34 when I got pd very aggressive oh well nice chatting look forward to next summer :grinning:

Gus, Most PD sufferers would be able to confirm what you have discovered; namely that heating,cooling, kneading the flesh and, indeed, virtually any activity that moves the body around is beneficial, often dramatically reducing tremor symptoms for some time. Long term the effect is usually to impede the symptoms but not eliminate them.
Personally I find that 20-30 mins of Pilates 1st thing after taking meds in the morning sets me up for the day. A 2-mile brisk walk likewise. Enjoy . JCPB

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Nice to hear your comments but all I got out of response is that you do exercise I’m the morning, I find if your a long time suffering from lower back problems two crumpling disc & degenerative spine I find lying down in sauna, steam room, & massage very good and it relaxing. And it was a great read not

Also I wouldn’t recommend a two mile walk,I suppose how long you’ve had pd plus tablets you take .Thanks but don’t message me back :unamused:

I have been using Donnerberg massager for home massage and it really helps