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Happy New Year to you all.  I was hoping to gather advice on the following :-

specifcally the mattress genie for double beds. HAs anyone used on and if so what are the pros and cons.  I am looking to purchase for my father.

Thanks in advance


Hi Markimark, welcome to the forum.

Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about your Dad and his Parkinsons problems.

There are lots of tips about sleeping comfortably, depending on the difficulties faced eg silky sheets to enable easier turning over...bed sticks to make turning, sitting up etc easier.

The link you have attached seems to show very expensive beds which would not necessarily help.

A visit from Social Services is often useful in identifying the best aids and there may be help in funding or loan of equipment.

Don't rush into expensive purchases without a bit more research.

Good luck.



Hello Markimark

I `d never heard of the mattress genie so looked it up out of curiosity.  I`ve no idea if it is any good but an observation is that raising the mattress might suit one sleeper but not their partner.  If your father sleeps alone that wouldn`t be a problem.

Hope you do get some feed back from some-one who uses one.


Hi markimark, in terms of individual beds or mattresses, there's nothing specific that we would recommend for people with Parkinson's as it depends on the person's individual needs and preferences. Goldengirl is right that there may be help available - you can speak to an occupational therapist who may be able to help with this.

You can take a look at the following information that's elsewhere on our website - it includes links to free booklets that you can download or order:

I hope this helps.

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Hi folks

Thankyou for the welcome and for your thoughts.  My father is 82 and has had PD for many years.  He is currently undergoing a change in medication and is due to have Botulinum toxin injections due to progressive antecollis.  

Specifically relating to the bed situation he is finding it difficult to pull himself up due to poor upper body strength.  I was looking at the mattress genie rather than one of the expensive beds to help with this.  He is due to attend the fall clinic next week at which stage I will encourage him to talk to the OT regarding this.

I will keep you all posted.

Mark :-)