Maybe starting levodopa

Seen by neuro physio today said have young onset tremor dominant parky which is better type to have . Thinks had it for 5 yrs ,(diagnosed sept) and prob have no dopamine production left  which is why requip xl not working. Now on 12 mg seeing me mon if nothing has changed will talk to parky nurse on Tuesday to get me on levodopa . 

So if start levadopa what can I expect and how quickly will I notice any changes?

had so many diff things said to me in last 3 days , just desperate to feel better.

at least occupational health have said can go back to work in dec to do office work so financial worries have diminished



Hi kitten,  I take Madopar with levadopa, have been on this since June. Had a follow up yesterday and doc has upped my script to one and a half, x 3 times a day on empty stomach before meals.  Keeping protine till after last tablets of day.  I am waiting to see what happens next.  My tremor has improved a lot, except when I am stressed and my hand takes on a life of its own! 

That sounds like my left hand , when stressed it gets mad! 

Still v stiff and rigid. Has it helped your movements? And how long till it kicked in?