Maybe this time!

Please be patient with me, this is the third time I've tried to do this today, hopefully I've done it right this time!!! anyway if anyone finds me please reply,I was diagnosed last year with pd, I'm not dealing with it too well, I get really down about it, I do try to tell myself I'm not alone but not knowing any pd patients I'm so glad to find you all, everybody seems so nice & helpful no matter the problem. I'm 51yr old, single, my son & his friend stays with me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

hello nene, I am known for my patience except for this web site that keeps booting me off! You are so welcome here. I was dx aged 52 (I think!), but had signs & symtoms for at least 10 years..
Initially I was relieved as I had feared something worse. And I knew little about PD The worry about it came later
I have found much information, support, humour & a place to be on this forum. I do so hope you find the same
With my best wishes

hiya nene welcome to the forum ,wot is the sayin try try agin then u get it rite,well that wot i keep tellin me self anyways:smile:im ali i bin dx for 10 years im 42 ,there lot of surport and good friends on the forum ,hope to see u around x:smile:

Hello again Nene

Takes some getting used to doesn't it, a new site. I couldn't get my head around it for a while but all will become clear:stuck_out_tongue:

A great big thanks for your reassurance that I'm not on my own.I try not to get too depressed about this,when I try to do some everyday chores around the house is it "normal" to be angry with yourself? I find I get very agitated and my shaking gets worse and painful...I have so many questions.Now that I can speak to others who can understand how I feel,I'm not always so down, maybe tomorrow will be a good day!!!! Thanks again.

hello again nene,
I get extremely frustrated that I find it so difficult to to the household chores that I used to polish off wth ease (if not with pleasure!). In Jan I gave in & now have someone to help. She is lovely. And yes, if I try to do something and struggle my shaking gets worse
Questions are good, and hopefully someone here will be able to answer them
Take care

annebernadette,thanks again for your advice that I'm pretty "normal" with my emotional roller coaster that comes with pd.I wasn't one for showing my temperament,as for now I find myself apologising - before,during and after my tantrum! Thank you to everyone.How do you move the little yellow faces into postings?

Hi Nene

Just click onto the one you want . It will come on your screen as a word initially, but when you press'post' it becomes a little man

hello nene, snap i am also 51 i was diagnosed 8yrs ago, its not all doom and gloom with pd there are some really lovely people on this site and they are hear when you need to talk you will find you have good days and bad days as with any condition the secret is learning to live and adjust to it, if you want to chat i will send you my mob number by email but please dont suffer in silence sue.

A big thanks to you all for the lovely welcome posts:grin:How are you all today? I'm very sleepy today,never mind tomorrow will be better!!!

"Tomorrow will be better"
Yes. Thats my motto too. I always stress that it is vitally important always to upbeat and optimistic. After all, being a moping, grouching old misery guts won't change a thing!

Of course you will get down. That doesn't mean you are not dealing with it well, it just means that, understandably, your condition is difficult. I don't have Parkinson's - I joined this forum because I work for a lady who has it and also have a friend newly diagnosed who is struggling. I wanted to get as much information as I could in order to help, and to do my job better. I hope you can get on forum often to get support. Are their any local groups in your area? And do you have a Parkinson's nurse? Please keep in touch on the forum and glad you have family support. Much love, J.