(MCAA), Cannabis Treating Parkinson's Disease

Hi everyone my girlfriend has been recently diagnosed with PD. She was trying CBD with little effect I’ve come across a very interesting site stating that THC And CBD are important in treating PD . Has anyone had any positive reactions with this please let me know.

Thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

This is a subject i have started to explore, there is plenty of literature online regarding CBD ‘oil’, both for and against its use for PD.

I myself feel it is probably beneficial and i have seen YouTube videos of PD patients who actively use it, whilst others will state it has no benefit whatsoever. I guess it will mostly be a personal decision, short of the CBD ‘Oil’ variant above 0.2%, been made and prescribed for a wider range of ailments. At 0.2%THC i seriously doubt it will have much of a lasting positive impact?

Plus the ‘oil’ variant above 0.2% is not a cheap option for the public, having browsed for prices… (circa £30+ for 10ml at 5% - imported)… it also appears to be currently illegal if you are discovered with it in the UK and its THC level is above 0.2%.

Hope this helps and is correct, please anymore information most welcomed from other forum users.

Hi trident

Thanks for for input, I does feel like the laws are here to penalise the sick. But that’s just my opinion. Hopefully we’ll catch with the less ignorant parts of Europe and America soon.

Hi i am trying nuhemp cbd oil at 5% no thc it is expensive at £40 a bottle been on it about 4 days 2 drops in a morning under tongue then 3 at night 5 drops altogether i have a resting tremor but not sure on results as of yet

Hi calv

Thanks for the information. From what I’ve read more THC seems to be better ., please keep us informed on how you get on .
Best of luck

HI Andy, I have considered trying CBD oil on many occasions, and have also felt somewhat brow beaten into trying it.

My feeling is this, there has not been a significant trial of these cannabis based products as such, which concerns me, as if I do take it and then decide to take part in a trial either for these products or other drugs, will any results be compromised.

Secondly, without the scientific data to back it up, the risk to me , regardless of my symptoms, Is too great.

I hope that gives you some food for thought



Hi rob

Thanks for your contribution, your point on possibly not being able to be part of any up coming trails , because of having cannabis in your system. This point will definitely need a lot of consideration, before going any further.
The chemical that I’ve read about that’s in some cannabis is a terpene called B-Caryophyllene . I’ve no medical qualifications myself , but it’s the only thing I’ve read that claims it can slow or stop cells from dying. I’ve left a link to this information to see what you think.
Thanks Andy

Hi ChipE,

Yes, brow beaten indeed, is it not strange (somewhat amusing at times )how many people who do not have PD, seem to know of this thing called CBD “which will help make you better you know”, they say.

So many will immediately jump to “Have You Tried…?” and yes they all mean well but give me a break :slight_smile:

Hi chip cbd will not make u better but will help the symptoms of pd like all pd drugs they wont cure you just help the symptoms there is no cure ide rather take cbd oil no side effects any day than pd drugs which cause more problems for the body to deal with

Hi trident

Sorry if the post offered you , your right I don’t have PD . But the love of my life does . Because of this I’m willing to research everything anyone mentions to me. From this research I’ve found beta -carypohyllene a terpene which is in other herbs like basil and rosemary as well as cannabis or CBD . The above article claims beta-carypohllene to be neuroprotective .

Hi Broge, no offence taken, i try to encourage everyone to join in on the Forum but as with typed messages they can be misinterpreted, i apologise for the crossed wires.

Sometimes and i am sure you may agree, there are occasions in life, when you just have to take some moments out of bad situations and just chuckle a little, even when knowing people mean well, just to take the edge off having PD, just for a moment at least.

I hope matters improve for you both. :slight_smile:

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