Me again


on thursday i put something on the forum about initiating movement. i have a problem with this and imagined quite a few of you would have that problem. i was given a technique which works very well that is to have someon put their foot across the front of yours and you stride over it  to get going. it is just what happens if there is nobody with you and i was trying to think up a device however nobody seems interested and i just wondered whether anyone else has the same problem.



Sorry, I did mean to reply to your original post.

I do have continual gait initiation problems, so would be willing to try any device that might help,

best wishes



thankyou for your reply i will keep yoiu inforned



       with ref to your gait problems, I came accross the following a few days ago and im sure the laser device coud be addapted to fit on a walking stick.

or check out laser cane on google




Hi Annie   

I've just joined and had to wait from Saturday until today for my profile to be approved! As mentioned by another poster on here, the walking stick with the laser is a useful tool to get me moving when I freeze, but I don't use it outside the house. If I'm outside I will use an ordinary walking stick and hold it in front of me and tap it/kick it using alternate feet to get a bit of a rhythm going and then I can usually start to walk. Not always so I just start again until it works.

Hope it makes sense!!!


thanks everyone for your posts i will let you know if i come up with any good solutions 


Aye aye all 

I think I'll try this laser line for the crack and see what happens cause nothing else is working  sorry to be a moaner



Hi Rich T,

Welcome to the forum! We manually approve new forum members to reduce the amount of spam on the forum so it can take a couple of days, we try and do this as quick as we can as we understand people are keen to post!  Just wanted to explain why this was :-)

Best wishes,

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Yea Ian stop being a moaner!!



Good evening Sheila 

thought you wouldn't know I was moaning on this post , that's one thing about you women you never complain he he !!!! 



83 yr old widower diagnosed 10 yrs  ,i  find of all the grim problems parkinsons deals out with gay abandon,lonelyness and with it lack of communication to be worst .my interests are,were sailing,climbing,martial arts 5th dan wado ryu politics a bit left. live in cumbria les.



Hello Signalman - welcome to the forum. Yes i'm afraid to say it PD does'nt come without many drawbacks unfortunately!

You were very active were'nt you! and you are living in the right area for being active. Beautiful part of the country and up in Scotland also. We've been up to Cumbria on many occasions in different areas,, very nice. We have a niece who lives in Bolton Gate about 17 miles from Carlisle.

Perhaps you could find a local or fairly local PD group in your area that you could join, search on google see what comes up.

All the best



hello sheila. cheered me up to hear from you ,contact with the outside world yippee .thanks for advice..,was signalman radio operator in army hence my a lot furtherr south from carlisle just in cumbria.           very best wishes                                                                                                                                                                             leslie



Hi Leslie - hope you get a few more posts from other members. If you are interested in little quizzes and poetry then try the social and poetry side of the forum Social and Creative, to help interact with people, also if you do find on google a parkinsons meeting near to you then try to go and interact. You meet some amazing people who are probably in the same situation.  

Stay Focused - Sheila


hi sheila                                                                                                                                                                          love poetry .favourate .s t coleridge                                                                                                                       orr to bed now                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           leslie                                                                                                                                                                             lovely weather                                                                                                                                                                                 make most of it                     


Hi signalman 

  Welcome to the forum used to be into martial arts myself Taekwondo 3rd Dan Kenda  black belt , alas no more as my sense of balance is shot and my body no longer seems to want to do what I want it to,

  If you like poetry check out the creative corner as there's some really good stuff on there maybe not Coleridge but good none the less do you write poetry? 

  Welcome again and live well. Cc



Hi Leslie - hope you are well. I'm off to north-east this weekend, used to live up there in Sunderland. I have visited visited Lake Windermere, Grassmere, Keswick, Wast Water, been through Rhino's pass, Hardknott pass and Kirkdale pass. Some of them breathtaking to see.

My neice who lives in Cumbria, her husband was in the army in the bomb squad until he retired to where they live and is now an accountant, never used to talk about his job much.

Best wishes - Sheila x



hi  cc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              not bean too good lately  not moaning . just explaining ,shall have too have a match and get back                  training ready for next olympics only four years  keep in touch                                                                                                                                                                                  signalman les