Me and PD

Hiya everyone i hope you are having a good day. I am 71 years old and was diagnosed in 1995 as having PD
I think that I,m doing pretty good. I am still able to go fishing and currently I am teaching myself to play the ukulele I was retired 18 years since from my job as a Chartered Engineer and although I loved my job I fell easily into retirement , looking at it as a bonus. There are so many things that you can do and they don,t have to cost a fortune. ie swimming. gentle excersise like Tai Chi. language classes, perhaps take a degree, bird watching oil/water painting. pencil sketching, day classes, perhaps become a champion of lost causes for your area etc etc
Anyway that’s me in a nui tshell I won,t give in to PD easily, I will fight it tooth and nail every cm of the way and nail and do as much as i am able
I wish you all a good day and many more of them

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Thank you for your very encouraging post. I agree it is so important to be active in as many ways as possible. I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago. I do Tai Chi, walk as much as I can, lead a local community choir with 140 members and have two very lively grandchildren! Yes, I do have bad days, but I try not to dwell on them. You have a great attitude and I hope you have many more years to keep fighting!