Me & Parkinson's & Future

Dear All,

My name is Jagdeep aged 53

My Diagnosis:
I started to get a tremor in my right hand in April 2020, I had Covid in March 2020, initially I thought the tremor was due to me having Covid and didn’t think much about it, as it didn’t go away I requested my GP to refer me to a neurologist who I visited in October 2020, the neurologist was not an expert in movement disorders, I requested a DAT scan to which I received the results in January 2021, the test was not inconclusive. The neurologist said it would be better if I was referred to a movement disorder specialist.

I was referred to the National Neurologist hospital at Russel Square, my appointment was for June 21st 2021 when I met my consultant, after a 20 minute diagnosis I was told I had Parkinson’s and no cure is available, I was given a selection of medications that I could research and on my next visit October 2021 we can discuss which meds to take.

When leaving the hospital, I sat on the bench near the square and had a little cry, loads of thoughts going through my head (the not knowing), at which point I wished I had brought someone with me. It took me a few weeks to make myself understand this isn’t going away and I need to carry on with my life as normally as possible. My family, parents, siblings were also shocked, but since have been a solid rock and have been a great pillar of support, my sister always accompanies me on any hospital visits.

I started to take my first meds in October 2021.


I have led a very active life both in work and sport, I have been teaching martial arts for over 35 years, I also play and teach hockey.

In the past I have completed marathons, bike rides and treks to raise crucial funding for charities that friends and family have been affected by. Some of these included: Meningitis Trust, BHF and helping children with Leukaemia.


I will try my best to help others that have Parkinson’s, I have joined my local Parkinson’s UK group, I am looking to offer free boxing lessons to the group, from my research and consultants advise this is one of the best sports (non combative) for us who suffer from Parkinson’s. We are currently looking for a location where I can deliver this.

Me and my daughter will also be doing a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of Parkinson’s UK in October 2022, please see link below:

Hi and welcome to our forum, Jagdeep. What a journey you’ve had. Of course your diagnosis was a shock especially when you were alone when you were heard it. It also sounds like you have some amazing support as well as a great attitude about things in general. Diving into things like this could really help you as you move forward. Well done! We have a very friendly group here and I’m sure they’ll enjoy reading your introduction as much as I did. They’ll be along soon to say hello.

Meanwhile, do explore our website for more information on Parkinson’s. You’ll find answers to many of your questions. If you find yourself with unanswered questions or concerns or you just need someone to listen, please call our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Looking forward to hearing more from you and don’t forget to keep us updated on that fabulous Kilimanjaro Trek.

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Hello Jagdeep and welcome.

Gosh your story is so similar to my husband’s story.

He is 53 years old and was diagnosed in Nov 21. He started with a tremor in his right hand which he noticed after he had covid in January 21.

Your story started off so sad and I can’t imagine how it must of felt finding out like that being all alone. However your story became so inspiring to read. What a fantastic attitude and get up and go you have. I truly believe your positive attitude will help you a great deal during your PD journey.

My husband has the same kind of attitude as you do and it is, helping him to deal with his diagnosis.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Please keep coming back to us with updates.

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