Me with PD! Omg

Hiya my name is Elliebeth and have been diagnosed with Parkinson's A Typical. Well how scarey was that. It's been 3 months now and I'm kinda getting used to it now. It certainly answers a lot for the symptoms I've had. I am 40 and been told quite young but as I've found out there are younger pd sufferers put there. I'm taking requip xl 6mg and they make me feel quite sick (nausea) and tired. I then start yawning and getting tired and I have to lie down. I have good days I have bad days but at least I can walk a bit better now I'm on the meds. I can also brush my teeth again all be it with electric tooth brush. Still cant use normal one. Being diagnosed was a blessing in a way because it proved I wasn't going out of my mind. Anyways that's me hope to meet loads of others like me. Best regards Elliebeth :) x
Hi Elliebeth, Welcome to the PD Club. I've been diagnosed with Parky for the past 11 years, and my motto is - 'Don't let it get you down' - some days it's very hard to do anything, but I use this as a quiet day and catch up on reading, correspondence etc. Keep as busy as you can - not easy on an 'off' day - (I've just had an off week!!) lol you'll find lots of answers to questions on here, and I find it a great help to realise I'm not the only one who has - sleepless nights, aches and pains etc. etc. anytimee you feel like a chat or even just a good moan - feel free to message me ..:wink:
hiya elliebeth, welcome to puk forum,im ali i was young bein dx with pd aslo,im 43 now,so been dx for 11 half years now.there lots of surport on this forum,and very friendly members to listern to one another and help out,good community spirt:smile:it was a shock to meself like you elliebeth when they say im sorry you have parkinsons,those words still ring through my ears,i think its cus we are so young elliebeth why it more of a shock,but now as times gone on ,im learnin so much still about pd,lots of resurch,and puk are very good for givin us the up to date info about parkinsons,thats why it makes it such a good forum and website to look at.:smile:
Yup, that's exactly what I'm thinking right now! Its quite raw for me. I cant really remember but I think I was sleeping OK before they told me. So maybe its the shock but this restlessness is annoying.