hi im pat age 50 been 4yrs now and i have my wonderful husband of 26 years 3 beautiful daughters Laura 30 married with 2 children Natalie 28 with partner and 1 child ad megan 21 at home and work at new look in meadowhall and my 3 beautiful grandchildren are jorja age 7 Lucas age 3 and Charley age 1 i love crafts and selling them for charity so i spend all of my time in my craft room that my husband made me we reckon the contents are worth around £7000 but could easily be lot more bit its what keeps me going as i am a really poor sleeper this week ive not slept at all when not cleaning im desperate to have someone to talk to i am in sow much pain and fed up of hospitals i look forward to chatting with you hopefully thank you
hi mrs b
Hi Mrs B, Well I am At Home Most days because I don't go to work, so I would Love to chat with you anytime whenever you want to. Love Ba x
What sort of craftwork are you making? What outlets do you manage to sell through?
I spend a lot of time in the night stitching away and often through the day, but I am a hobby stitcher not selling any. (yet)