i am a 53 year-old male and was officially diagnosed as having PD on the 11th of june 2013, several months prior to this and although the symptoms were quite obvious the dwp ruled that i was fit for work. how-ever, i appealed and on the 12th of june 2013 the tribunal ruled in my favour and my disability payments were returned (with arrears), i now also receive p.i.p. 

on a daily basis i have an on-going battle with nausea due to the medication, which is madapar and though i've been told it should have settled down by now, it hasn't and i'm rarely able to stay up later than 6pm before the need to go to bed takes over. i try to be positive and take each day as it comes.

my eldest brother also has PD, i don't recall as a child hearing any talk about PD or any other serious illnesses being in the family. having said that things like this were never spoken about in front of the children and if they were it was in very hushed tones.



Hello Colcol and welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed April 2012 age 51.

I remember being nauseated when I commenced medication, I was prescribed  domperidone and this really helped,if you are not already on this it might be worth speaking to your Neuro, Parkinsons nurse or GP about this. 

How long has your brother been diagnosed? Perhaps he could give you some tips around your medication. 

You say you go to bed not much later than 6pm do you sleep all night? 

You are correct to stay positive and take each day as it comes, you never know what life will through at you

You will find loads of help and support here, hope to see you around the forum.

Regards Bethankit

Hi, colcol --

I add another welcome to Bethankit's.  She is right about domperidone; it works for me, too, with the excellent side effect of preventing motion sickness!  I started taking it because of a motility problem (gastroparesis), not because of med-induced nausea.  The only time I experienced a side effect from a PD med, it was dizziness, and my doctor immediately changed my dosage.  You may want to confer with your doctor or Parkinson nurse again if the nausea continues.  No one should have to accept constantly feeling ill like that.

Best wishes, and keep posting!


yes, i tend to get a good eight hours before waking with a need for the toilet, my sleep how-ever is aided by 10mg diazepam. i have mental health issues which predate my PD diagnosis...