Medical cannabis

I have just seen a notice in our local pharmacy that medical cannabis is now available for certain conditions with a private prescription

Anyone know anything about this please

Morning KK1 Not sure about medical cannabis but it would be nice to know if there is another medication the we could turn to for help if needed.

Hi KK1,

In South Africa, cannabis has been legitimized for some time now, and has been found to be beneficial for PD.
I would presume that you are in the UK, and am sure that it should not be difficult to get a 6 monthly script.

Hi Clive V may I ask do you live in SA we were there in the 70s at the time of cause there was no sign PD, we came back to the UK as my hubby did not want our boys growing up with at the time there was apartheid. We were about 25 mile from Jo burg and 6 mile from “SHARPVILL” ps just asking about the above drug thanks but are waiting till we can get it on PX.

You will need to register with a private clinic, usually you create an account via a patient portal. There might be a questionnaire about symptoms, details of GP etc. Youll have to upload evidence of identity and also have to give consent for GP to release your file to the clinic for review. Once thats been received by clinic you pay a fee to book your consultation with the doctor. On that consultation your symptoms are discussed and any other medication you are on. The doctor will review your case and advise if they think it might work for you. The prescription is sent to a pharmacy and you pay before its dispatched. You try for one month before booking a review meeting. Usually you cant reorder until this review is booked. If the medication has been beneficial to you, the doctor will repeat or recommend changes to the prescription as required and the process repeats. After a while you may not need the monthly review if you hit the correct dose and product. Bear in mind you might need to work up to a dose gradually, it may not work for your particular symptoms, you may experience side effects and it may increase falls risk or ability to drive etc

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Thats not the psycho active THC associated with getting high. but I would check with your Parkinson nurse/ GP FIRST.
Cannabidiol - Wikipedia

Thank you very much everyone.
I have now obtained a leaflet with the details of a private clinic that we can contact for a consultation about medical cannabis.
I’ll let you know when we contact them

Hi Mary1947,

Yes, I live in Cape Town, and I do agree with your sentiments, I’m not going anywhere but my 2 sons and daughter are in London and Ireland.
Were you in Randburg/ Roodepoort area?

Hi CliveV sorry don’t recognize the names. We lived in Transval in Vanderbijl park. While there we went to Durban, Zulu Land. Pertoria, Jo-Burg there were also the Zulu Dances which when the stamped there feet the ground shook. While we were in SA a young Canadian girl was shot while on a visit to the Victora Falls, When we left Ron’s uncle lived in Cape Town so we sailed from Cape Town back to the UK. In Cape town we stayed at a small hotel called the Kia Apple Grove but I bet it’s not still there? Also there were 4 beaches not sure what the beaches were called, PS it’s snowing here, what is it doing in Cape Town.

Hello There

We have a page on our website with the most up to date research on cannabis and Parkinson’s - you can view this here:


Hi Mary1947,
I see you lived in the southern areas.
The two I mentioned were in the northern areas, well past Sandton and Fourways.
We are moving into spring here so temperatures ranging from about, on average, 22-30c. (71-86f).
Kei Apple has been changed to apartments.
My son & daughter live there so they have been whinging about the snow.
Other than the snow and cold how are things going?

Hi CliveV we have had some bad weather here in the UK but the wind is now coming from the south, and it is warm enough to sit out side on the patio Opps sorry stoup. I try to take control of my PD but i am finding it a lot harder than it used to be. I have just been in hospital for spinal opp I am finding hard to balance. I have had to be in a collar for six weeks. So to-day it come off. I did not have a lot of choice if I had not had the opp I could have ended up in a wheelchair with in the six months. Where you are in SA sorry I don’t know any of the city/town names any more and most have been changed. I think SA is a beautiful country you hve a perfect climate in most places, you have diamonds. and gold mines, It just needs a government who can realise its potential. I would love to come back just to see the changes, It would be nice but due to PD and age it takes me quite a while to get down to the shops in the village,

Hi Mary,
I love your 0pps.
In the rural towns it it is called a stoep, in the cities, patio or verandah.
Stoep is the Afrikaans word for verandah.
As they say “You pays your money and you takes your choice”
The yes I do know the grammar looks terrible, but it’s the best way to get it across.
Regarding your balancing problem, I do believe that the op you had is certainly contributing to a major part of that and your body is getting used to " the new you."
Of course PD does play a part.
Remember as well that balance is caused by little hairs in the ear called “vestibular organs”
They can easily get out of sync, and that can also be part of the problem. It’s quite easy to rectify.
I live in Cape Town across the road from the sea in a suburb called Bantry Bay or Sea Point.
You can google earth it…
Your on suite room awaits… :smirk
Just give me a month or two notice,
I know we are going for a cruise along the rivers/canals from Germany through Australia and France.
You have no idea how much I am looking forward to it.
Have a stunning day.

Hi Clive V you know I would love to take up your offer for a few days away? but it’s a big but for some reason my right leg just wants to stop moving i did have a few words with a concrete slab once (guss who won) so I’ll take a rain check on that holiday. We went on/up Germany rivers a few Christmases ago. One of the towns couldn’t remember our many churches where there was but on New years eve the first church started ringing their bells and the others joined in one by one, It was amazing. Sorry but do you mean Austria as the other county is far/far away. We also have been there and have been to France we sold up when I found that I had PD and moterd all around Europe. If you hire a car and travel through France then stay at Formula 1s not 4* but clean and not too dear, If ever you come over to the UK let me know you will be made very welcome. sorry but no end suite maybe a floor with sk
sleeping bags? After all these years you have given me an answer to my question STOEP??? the flat we were in belonged to Isscore steel comp and their base was in the Orange Free State which was all Afrikanns,

I know it’s a bit off-topic by now since the discussion deviated from the original post, but I just couldn’t help wondering about medical cannabis and Parkison’s disease.

I have heard that CBD oil can be helpful for people with Parkinson’s disease. I stumbled upon an article on MindBodyGreen about the best CBD oil for relief and thought it might be worth checking out. Here’s the link: It’s always good to do your own research and talk to a medical professional before trying any new treatments. By the way, I’m new to this forum. Nice to meet you all!

Hi mary1947,

Yea, of course I meant Austria, simply not looking at what I was typing.
We would sleep on the ship and wonder around the towns, trying out the various foods and wines.
If we like them we may stay a bit longer in that town, if not move onto the next one.
Also of course, how full of it, my body is at any one time.
Thank you so much for the offer to stay with you, and believe my sleeping bags would be more than sufficient.

All the best CliveV have a good holiday.
but Remember ? Lets be careful out there

I have never tried anything like that

I saw your post about medical cannabis being available for certain conditions, and I think that’s great news. It’s about time more people have access to the healing powers of cannabis.