Medical marijuana - an impressive video

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I am totally with you why do they not let it be legally they take the bad tcb out there is some spray out on prescription but only for ms and very hard to get

Av tried it but am stil early stages and all it did was make me sleep and eat everything I could get my hands on  with a bit of paranoia thrown in but am not as far on as that man in video yet !!! Scary. Stuff 

I think if you can get your hands on just the oil it would be better also solids not that weed it's been sprayed with lots of chemicals

Oils pretty expensive is it not well the stuff I got was  

Just ordered the Hemp seed oil capsules...100 in the pack for £7.99 inc. postage. Thought that was quite reasonable. Anything's worth a try, with this wretched condition!

Also supplementing dosage of manufactured Levodopa with Mucuna Pruriens (natural Levodopa), in between, to keep manufactured Levodopa to a minimum. Taking 3 X 125mg. Madopar and 3 X MP a far, so good.

I'm determined to manage my own meds. in a responsible way, but inform my GP and PD nurse about what I'm doing. If it works, they don't seem to mind. After all, we know our own body better than anyone else and until a cure is found I feel I owe it to myself to try and beat this thing. IT will not win.



Twinks if you peruse any good supermarket aisle the oils are in you'll find 'hemp' oil far cheaper and other oils that may be beneficial that may be worth a try or at least an addition to your dietry and vitamin needs.

It's all a bit of a mind field i tried that mucuna and it made my dyskinesa worse i smaller amounts on both tablets and mucuna but no luck, at moment i am on from 10.30 ish switch off about 7ish which is not bad bearing in mind had pd nearly 10yrs it's funny because in the summer months I'm on for much longer. Yes i agree twinks everyone should have the chance to manage there own drugs like you say if you let pd nurse or nero know i think this is ok

Thanks Sea Angler and Gus for your information. I particularly wanted to try the cannabis oil, but will bear the others in mind. I'm sorry you got no benefit from the Mucuna, Gus. I don't suffer with Dyskinesia, just  Bradykinesia and shoulder pain, which the Mucuna seems to help. Just goes to show how different we all are! Interesting what you say about the summer months though. I've been diagnosed for over 4 years now, so nowhere near as long as you, but you sound to be doing very well.

Keeping fit and eating healthily make a difference too. And I try to have a positive attitude and do things I enjoy. Timing of meds. and when you eat food before or after, is essential as well.

All the best to you both.