Medical retirement

How do I go about taking medical retirement?

I saw occupational health who wants to wait until after DBS Before making a decision about retirement but because my balance is so poor I am not able to my job. I work with children with special needs so can’t put them at risk. DBS may worsen my balance according to my neurologist. I can’t get Down on the floor To work with the children as it is too painful.
I am currently sitting in my office at home, staring at a computer screen with nothing to do except answer a few emails and wait for the phone to ring.

With the ongoing COVID situation it could be another year before I can have the surgery

Hi @carolineb211

I am sure many people will share their experiences but in the meantime I would advise you to contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 or email: [email protected] in order to speak to one of our experienced adviser. I hope this helps.

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I am a new forum member. I was diagnosed in 2003 and applied for ill-health retirement in 2020. I am a civil servant on the alpha pension scheme. the private firm acting as the pension scheme medical advisor recommended a lower tier pension in my case. I am appealing through the internal appeal process. I have involved the union early on. has any been through a similar experience recently. I am a bit anxious and could do with tips and hints on Dos and Donts.

by the way, like you carolineb211 I have hoped for DBS to keep me in my current job. I had the operation 2 years ago. it made a huge positive difference in my life and helped me to cut back on the unsustainable amounts of med I was on but in my case, I am afraid it did not result in helping me to carry on working. I don’t want to discourage you and remember we all different but I thought sharing my experience may help in managing expectations. As far as I am concerned if you are offered DBS, you should take it.

Hi Xabojuro, we just wanted to take a moment to say hi and welcome you to the forum. We’re immensely proud of the community of loving and supportive PWP, their families and carers we have here, and I’m sure it won’t be long before you’ve heard lots of good advice and shared experience. Please be sure to visit our website at for news, support, and all sorts of learning opportunities, and you can call us direct and confidentially at 0808 800 0303. Our trained staff will even be able to point you to local resources if you like.
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thanks for the warm welcome.

It’s nice to know that DBS worked well for you.

Sadly, now we’re back in lockdown it seems to be getting further and further away !

I am speaking to my neurologist next week and am hoping he can give me an idea of when I might be able to have it done.

I Amon sick leave till end of Feb then will probably apply for medical retirement. We’re you able to get your full pension, if you don’t mind me asking?