Medical test for driving

My consulant has just informed me that when my licence next runs out he will recomend I have medical test ( which he said I will most likley pass)
Does anybody have any knowledge of this
Hello A Parks
There's a very recent thread at which should answer your question, and alleviate any worries.
Best of luck with it
Many thanks for the link,
but nobody has said what form the test takes other than a series of questions.
It would be nice to know the questions.
I know it is not a driving test, but in the meantime I an start towards taking the advanced driving test.
Hi parks, I have had my licence renewed many times and each time the 'medical' test consisted of a visit to my own GP. he put me through a series of movements ending with him dropping a piece of paper and me catching it!!!! To test my relexes he said. I really wouldn't be too bothered about your test, if it's anything like mine you will sale through it.

Hello aparks, I have to go for a driving assessment in August as my PD is much improved since the Duodopa op so I have re applied for my licence which I voluntarily gave up 5yrs ago, upon receipt of the said licence the assessment
will take place, so I am 62 which means my paperwork will travel back and forward
between my home and DVLA Swansea 22 times for reasons such as , the ink being
upside down, a missing full stop a upside down full stop a rather annoying fold
at the bottom right corner well over the legal limits for aforesaid fold,,and so on and so on thus I will receive my licence in 2020 whence I shall die of shock

Good luck Fed
Hi, A parks.

You might want to look into the RosPA scheme which goes by the name RoADAR. Its similar to the Advanced Driving Test (if by that you mean the Institute of Advanced Motorists test ) but seems to be much cheaper. I did the Advanced Test about ten yearsago but having recently acquired an automatic car as part of the offensive against my troublesome hips (PD muscles/tendons) and reversed it into an immoveable object twice due to the "creep" effect I am currently having a "Drivers improvement" series of six lessons with RoADAR which if I wanted to could lead to an advanced driving test.