Medication advice

Hi all,

I'm new to the group as have just started living with my mother who has had Parkinson's for about 7 years.

She's currently on a low dose of levodopa and tremedol (apologies for any spelling mistakes with the medication)

My mum's dyskonesia has become quite unbearable for her and she's recently been prescribed Amantodine to help cope with this. Unfortunately she has severe glaucoma and cannot take this medication. Her glaucoma is also the reason she is on such a low dose of levodopa.

Does anyone know if there's an alternative medication that can be used for dyskonesia? I've also read about a new medication that might help called Safinamide (trade name Xadago). I'm wondering if anyone has been presribed this and/or whether it's helped?

Many thanks in advance.



Hi Ange - think the best person to ask is your mums neurologist or parkinsons nurse. Failing that contact the  helpline at the top of the page and ask for advice, they are a mine of information with advice from all sources. 0808 800 0303 ........

All the best - Sheila x