Medication ALARM

Any advice on an alarm to remind me when to take medication?

I am on my third device! I need something that is cheap, and I dont lean against it and turn it off!! I am unable to wear a watch at work, I have tried drug timers and food timers, but need somethig small, and doesnt draw attention to me when it goes off. Any thoughts..............Thank you.

Hello forest

We use just the reminder you need .  We bought it on-line by looking for parking timer.  It`s a key ring gadget in the shape of a parking meter. You set it to count down to the time you want your pills.  When it beeps, take the pills and then set it for the next time.  It is very quick and easy.  The buttons are under a cover so you can`t change them accidentally.  Amazon has the exact same thing at about £5..

The extra advantage of this is that you can add in a reminder for other pills, eg antibiotics, if you have to take them for a while.

Best wishes


That sounds good.

I set the alarm on the clock of my mobile phone.  Works well for me and I always have phone in a pocket, often on silent withe vibrator switched on so that I can feel the buzz.


My hubby uses his alarms on his mobile phone too. Much easier than forgetting to pick it up and take it out with you . :)



thank you all. Hatknitter i have ordered the parking timer - worth a go.

mobile phones, i have tried and failed! I am the worse person fr taking meds!! Never thought i would be.

Any other thoughts on taking pills let me know! 





Hi Forest

If you type Digital Pill Timer into Google you will see loads ,  mainly on Amazon and EBay.

My husband has a Lifemax pill holder that holds a day's supply ( 14 tabs) and hangs on a cord round his neck.

You set it to ring for example after 2 hours and then get your pills out and reset it for 2 hours again.

It is small, reliable and worn under his jumper.

? Worth a look.



I used to buy an electronic pill reminder but found it didnt last long,  instead  I now use a free  app on my phone called Medisafe. You key in  all your medication details, dose and time. You can even show colour and shape of tablets. An alarm sounds and if you don't knock it off,  it sounds  every 10 minutes until you do and records the times you took the tablets. If you key in the number of tablets you have in stock at the start it lets you know when its time to order more. You can even get it to let a family member/carer know if/when  the tablets are taken. I wish I had found it earlier.


Parking meeter timer has arrived - I'll give it a go. like the idead of the app too. thanks for your replies!


yeh i find my mobile alarm works best EVERY 2 HOURS GREAT !