Medication and work - what's a reasonable expectation?


Just something I’ve been wondering about, I’ve got an appointment to speak to my specialist nurse but I’m just wondering what other people do. I can be better at work by taking more medication and I can get by on the higher dose, but I’d like to be taking less at this point in time. I can manage ok on less - but not at work because it limits the amount of exercise I can do and requires a great deal of time spent doing things I find stressful and difficult.
I have hung on at work with Parkinson’s for the past 7 years but now I need to think of an exit strategy which will either be early retirement or ill health retirement. I can up my medication so that I can cope and if this is a reasonable expectation, then I will have to take early retirement, but I don’t need to increase my medication yet and wouldn’t need to if it wasn’t for work. I’m just wondering what’s a reasonable expectation in terms of doing everything necessary to be in work?
Thank you for any thoughts.
K :-s


Hi Jackson,
My first thought, for what it is worth, is that there may not be an objective “ reasonable expectation”…there are a number of factors to be considered and these will vary for each individual depending on their own particular circumstances and feelings.
The priority must surely be maintaining your health as well as possible for as long as possible and doing whatever you can or need to in order to achieve that, as far as you are able. Then…
To mention a few other variables which come to mind:-

  • extent to which income is needed,
  • whether the need for income can be met from another source
  • value of work , or lack of, from a non monetary point of view
  • possibility of reduced hours at work
    incl how you will spend your time if not working and whether that is fulfilling and satisfying

Some things are roughly quantifiable…e.g. pension forecast…some things are less so…how your health will progress

You don’t sound like the kind of person who will rush into a decision, which is wise. Might be good to talk it over with relevant professionals, health, financial, occupational etc and then make what seems to you to be the best decision at that time, for you and yours.

Regards, Pippa


Thank you for your thoughts, you are absolutely right :slight_smile: Of course I don’t know the answers but I’m working on it. I really can’t do my job anymore, I’m in the building in person but in reality I can’t sit still for long enough and I can’t focus for long enough and I’m being carried by very kind people. I’m still working age so I don’t want to up medication too much but I suppose I was wondering if it was worth it to do my job for another year or so. I feel bad for trying to claim ill health retirement ( it’s utterly illogical but I’m not sure how ill I have to be and I’m not sure I’m ill enough but I can’t do my job because of the Parkinson’s). I’m advised that I’d be foolish not to consider ill health retirement financially but giving up work is such a big decision and as a single person I’m making it on my own.
It will, however, work out one way or the other and all thoughts are gratefully appreciated so thanks again.
J :slight_smile:


I am in the process of early retirement. It is so hard though having to give up work both mentally and financially. But unfortunately got no choice.