Medication brand name shortage

Hi folks,
Fairly new to the forum, hoping someone may be able to help or give advice please?
Is anyone else having problems getting Mylan or Teva brand name entacapone please?
Last time I ordered it I was given a generic brand which had adverse effect but my pharmacist is telling me she cannot source the brand version.
Look forward to any comments.

Hi Chris.
I haven’t got any answers I’m afraid but, I’m curious. Surely regulations state the a ‘drug’ must consist of the exact same ingredients despite its brand name? Otherwise it would be a different ‘drug’. I don’t know whether I’m correct or not.

No- generic versions of a drug must contain the same active ingredient but may differ in the composition of the excipients that make up the rest of the tablets-- this may affect drug uptake for different individuals–the patient information leafets contain excipient information and the manufacturer details-this may be different from the uk marketing licence holder- the name on the pack. the accepted wisdom is all generic versions of a certain drug act the same- many peoples experience indicates that is not the case


Hi Dusty68 & Grober,
Thanks for your comments.
I discovered the hard way that generic versions of a branded name drug were not exactly true copies & am now a pain in the butt!! I don’t take any chances now, I’ve had PD for 23 years this year, finding more frequently any little change can cause more problems. I even had to get my specialist PD nurse to come to educate the nurses looking after me when I was admitted to hospital last year. I had the same problem when the hospital pharmacy sent a different “brand” of one of my regular PD drugs!! They simply wouldn’t believe the impact it would cause, I was emphatic that I wasn’t prepared to have to cope with more issues whilst being floored with pneumonia!!

I was prescribed Stalevo for my PD. A couple of years later, when looking at the BNF, I realised that there was another form of the drug called Sastravi that cost half the price to the NHS. I immediately got my Neuro and GP to put me on this generic and have had no problems. (Both drugs are a combination of levadopa, carbidopa and entacapone).

There definitely is a difference between brand names and generic yes it can have same ingredients but it also disperse into the body so people who are very sensitive medication can not tolerate this, I’m the same i have to have Sinemet teva brand . Co - caredopa it gives me dyskinesa .Plus there’s shortage until end of May-June teva Entacapone, Amantadine,Azilect at moment so you might be given generic brand .Keep me posted if you are having trouble regarding brand shortage

Maybe the moderator’s have news on teva shortage my problem getting hold of Azilect

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