Medication Decision, Pre diagnosis


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PIP Standard


you got no esa are you still able to work and was that standard mobility and care 


Be careful about underplaying your bad days.  They are trying to assess how you are affected for the majority of the time.  That's not just on the days you're out and about, but the impact over a whole 24 hours, lack of sleep, waiting for meds to work etc.

They should ask if aids such as sticks, grab rails, shower seats would help, even if you don't currently use them.

I only go out if I'm 'on' my meds, about 4 sessions of around 2 hrs per day, the rest of the time I'm in limbo.

It also can't hurt for them to assess you while your meds are not working, but that's much easier to do if you're assessed at home.




Just seen page 3, if you feel there's more they need to consider you can challenge the decision


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I still work i'm a self employed courier after many years in sales in the print machine industry , When I was 1st diagnosed i told dvla about my conditions, they davised my not to drive for a living until all had been checked out so I went on ESA

This got terminated after a review because I had walked 15mtres to the room from my car , I could use my left arm instead of my right which has a tremor I was also able to sit for 26mins without needing to get up.

I was told in my report to apply for JSA to retrain for something else!

I've now got my licence back with restrictions so I drive my van again but avoid London like the plague as I cant deal with the stress of delivering into coffee shops and running every where to avoid parking tickets.

The PIP interview was as it is with me on a day to day basis and I got awarded standard

The ESA interview was as it is as above and I was made me feel like scum , maybe he confused me with someone who claimed to to be unable to work because of a made up condition or fake bad back !!

So i'm not putting myself through that again.


eekif you worked all your life this is the way you get treated,i have very aggressive pd 46 tablets a day dbs fitted , when i went on esa as i could not work anymore they sent me a letter for work job interview ,i would have not give my job up if i could still work.Thanks to my pdsw i got a letter apologising !  



It wasn't that you walked 15m it was they timed you walking those 15m that is the distance from the waiting room too the assessment room it's written on the back of the door, I walked 15 m very slowly i cannot walk quickly or easily the assessor walked in front of me timing it. he says the assessment starts in the assessment room, but it doesn't it starts when you leave your house.

And that's how they get you all question in the form..

you had too plan the journey..

you arrived and walked too the building(they'll ask how far, did you stop??)

you sign into the building (more  admittance of ability on your part)

you wait (can you sit in a chair)

your greeted they'll ask are you ok... you'll say stupidly "i'm fine"

you'll walk too the assessment room (they time and observe you)

you sit in the chair( ability,alertness)

the interview begins and you tell them your have trouble doing all that you have just done. =fail

"what do you do all day" ... they don't want too know what you cant do, just what you can do.. cooking = failure that's ability to work.

medical exam.. disproving all that you said you cant do in the forms.

 And when you leave the building , it says press too exit did you say you cant press buttons.

the whole interview is recorded the secretary in the room next door does that.

Luckily when i went too mine  the assessor could see all he needed too see and said i support your case 100%. i was put into the esa support group and things haven't got any better.