Medication not working

Hi can any one help, I've been on 8mg ralnea xl for three month witch didn't work ,they now put me on madopar 125 mg as well how long will it take to see any diffrents in my self x
i think most people see madopar working in about 20 minutes or a bit longer.
make sure its on an empty stomach, drink plenty of water. put off eating other than a cracker if nauseous, have something light like fruit or a little cheese or a sweet after at least half an hour. or at least thats what i find works
Thanks Turpin is doesn't seem to have any affect as yet been on them a few days ,maybe it's abit soon hopefully this week should see them kick in
if they dont i'd go back to my neuro for a reassessment.
My husband has been taking sine met and uses 6mg patch For 7 years not found them a bit of use because I once said he sometimes gets hallucinations , it can happen with taking digoxin which I stopped or some pain killer s which he doesn't take . they seem not to want to try something els . About an hour after asking the sine met he switches off and start,s drooling . 2Went to see consultant last week and he said o gooD he is dong well don't think his Parkinson's is much of a problem . He doesn't coMe home and live with us .
I told him the drools
ing is getting him down it pours out of his mouth sometimes , he told me that the remedy a can cause hallucinations
It's been like knocking my head against a brick wall ..
He hasn't got dementia just the slowness from the Parkinson's