Medication reminder

We have recently found a very convenient and reliable aid which helps to remind my husband when his medication is due.
After try several different things, some of which were quite expensive, none have been found to work as well as the mytinyreminder alarms.
We originally purcased 2 from the '' website, together with the velcrove sleeve to wear around the wrist when out and about.
However, we have sinced purchased 2 more alarms, which when placed in a small cup or glass etc., in the kitchen can easily be heard from another room, even with some background noise going on.
We now have 4 alarms,(they are very tiny and really easy to set) which means we can set alarms for 4 different times during the day, and which don't need resetting, they just go off each day, and will buzz up to 12 times if necessary at each setting.
The last 2 alarms we ordered were purchased without the velcrove wrist band which made them a real good buy.
To anyone needing help with reminders for medication, we have found these tiny alarms to be absolutely fantastic.
Just click onto the mytinyreminder website for details.
Thanks Gazania will look at website as I often do not remember my medication, sound just what I need.
Hello and welcome to the forum. :smile:

Although I don't need a medication reminder at the moment, I can certainly see that this little gadget would be very useful.
Hope to see you around the forum.
Best wishes.