Medication review requested before repeat prescription issued

My consultant referred me on to a different consultant last year and I have no idea when I will see my new consultant because I’ve had no appointment through as yet. My specialist nurse has been temporarily redeployed though there is a contact number for a very overworked specialist nurse who is trying to hold the fort down in the meantime. Understandably, my appointment for my medication review with my nurse has been cancelled but now I can’t reorder my prescription online because it says I need my medication reviewing by the prescriber before a new prescription can be given :-/
Now I will obviously contact my GP on Monday morning - if I can get through - and I will try contacting the remaining specialist nurse but I’m just wondering if anybody has come across this and whether it can be my GP who reviews my medication on this occasion? I really need to discuss adjusting medication and my GP can’t do that because he doesn’t know the first thing about Parkinson but I had presumed that in the light of all appointments being cancelled that my current medication would be rolled over until I could get an appointment with somebody. Just wondering what other people are doing really.

Speak to your GP surgery as I have been told by mine that this is an automatic message which they have no control over. When this happens I just request the medication via the custom request box at the bottom of the online prescription request page and my medication is issued and they reset the prescription. I don’t need to speak to a GP

Hi my husband had a similar request at the beginning of the year but from the GP
Luckily they did a phone medication review and all they said what are you taking and when.
But what we did last year at his consultants appointment was for him to write a letter to the GP stating the maximum does and frequency my husband was aloud to have of his medication,
So now when he needs to up his meds after a nurse phone call we phone the GP and the GP authorises it immediately for his prescription no waiting for letters to be received from hospital to GP which was the norm before and could take 8 weeks to happen
We use a online pharmacy and get everything posted to our home .

Hi @Jackson,

Hope you managed to get through to your GP. Don’t forget we have Nurse Advisers available on the helpline who may be able to discuss your medication with you. The helpline number is 0808 800 0303.

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Thank you so much for your replies, the advice is really useful and I will definitely follow up accordingly. I’ve never really had any need to think about who can prescribe what and when because I’ve always had reasonable access to a specialist nurse via the phone but this crisis has highlighted the need to be somewhat more aware of the processes and procedures involved. When I do get an appointment with a specialist, I will definitely be much more anticipatory about medication management and trying to build in flexibility to make informed adjustments through my GP.
I managed to get through to the GP surgery and I’ve been advised that my GP will sort it out and ensure that this prescription goes through without any review. I haven’t asked for a review with my GP and he hasn’t suggested that we should do this. This makes total sense because although he is pretty helpful and supportive, he really has not got the foggiest idea about Parkinson’s or Parkinson’s medication.
If I can just get the medication that I am on at the moment in good time then I’ll be happy enough right now but I will follow up with the helpline as advised if I really need things adjusting.
Once again thank you for getting back to me.

I would ring the hospital where your consultants are based and ask to speak to one of the neurology secretaries and ask for their help to get an emergency appointment if your meds have become an issue and you don’t know who your new consultant will be.

The Parkinsons nurses are always very helpful at Parkinsons UK and may be able to point you in the right direction. I hope you get it sorted out soon