Medication Shortage

Hi can anyone tell if there finding hard to get Azilect Brand Teva medication.Also generic version Rasagiline .Chemist saying they can’t get hold it.

Hello :grinning:

Parkinsons uk maintains a list.

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My chemist is able to get me Rasagoline which another chemist couldn’t it’s worth asking different chemists

I can get rasagiline but not sinemet plus. I’ve been told there is a world wide shortage of levadopa and that is causing the problems. Do I hear you ask why there is a shortage of levadopa? WELL…

  1. A factory somewhere burnt down.
  2. Some company stopped making it because the NHS couldn’t afford to pay enough.
  3. They’ve mined all that is available here and are looking for a suitable asteroid.
  4. And it has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit.

Anybody know what’s happening this is a big issue to all of us we need answers surely there is different suppliers. This is not a paracetamol this is are life’s. Can’t believe how calm people are about this. What the hell