Medication stopped working very rapidly

I have recently found that my madopar has very little effect and this happened over a couple of days. I am also experiencing numbness, pain and pins/needles in my hands and feet.
Has anyone else encountered this. I am 49 and still working, but have gone to being bed ridden in a week. My GP has ran blood tests and says everything is normal, but something serious is going on. I have also had a very obvious reaction to eating any protein for about a year (meds’ don’t work) and I have a very restrictive diet). I am currently taking madopar and entacapone 5 times a day and gabapentin for central pain.
Any advice would be appreciated, I am starting to get really worried and I don’t think my GP knows where to send me.

Arrange an appointment to see your nurse or you consultant who will be able to review your medication

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Hi @i_mcewan,

I hope all is well.

Did you follow @Jchilton advice and contact a Parkinson’s nurse or consultant? If you need more support on this, you can always speak to one of our advisers via our helpline on 0808 800 0303. They can arrange for a Parkinson’s nurse to call you back within 24 hours to discuss you concerns in more detail.

Please update us.

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try to think if your routine has changed in anyway or have you had any injections or added any supplements I find that little changes can have dramatic effects, have you had constipation, indigestion , illness, vomiting try to think of as many as you can and take it from there

When I went on Madopar the PD consultant said it will help you a lot,NOT,the bleeding tablets nearly broke up my marriage,caused me to close all of my wife’s online banking accounts,and I was totally sex mad it was driving me absolutely crazy,I felt really elated all of the time,from November 18,till February 19,so I told me of doctor to shove them where the light don’t shine,now I’m off them I feel he’ll of a lot better,they should be banned from use,because I’ve heard so much on how they make people fell,totally lousy,bye.