Medication which has no ill effects

It can't be underestimated how powerful and far reaching the effects of our "words" are on others as well as on ourselves. A kind word of encouragement can lift someone up and make them cheerful, and conversely, harsh words can break someone and reduce them to tears. Emotional tears can't be made to arise by popping a pill, peeling an onion may mimic it by making the eyes watery, but those are not real tears.
What I'm getting at here is that there is incredible power in our words ( I'm not talking about thoughts, but rather words / language projected by sound waves coming out of our mouths, ie, carried by our breath ).
This power can be harnessed for your well being and for the improvement of your health. It may sound crazy, but it really does work !
What you do is this, whether it's in front of a mirror or not, you speak positive proclamations over yourself often, saying things such as this :
Mouth, you shall only say kind and pleasant things today ( and every day ), you shall be a fountain of life, and goodness shall well up and spring up from you, and your words shall bring rejoicing to the hearts and minds of those you speak to today.
Body, my body, I'm talking to you ! You shall be far healthier today than you were yesterday, you shall function far better today than you have in the past, you shall be strong and function perfectly well for me today, you are my vehicle, and you shall be reliable and perfectly healthy, you shall be free from problems today !
Brain, you shall perform and function perfectly today, you shall also generate lots of pleasant thoughts, happiness and contentment, you shall generate lots of joy for me today, and get that Dopamine production right too !

For you shall have that which you proclaim over yourself, so proclaim lots of good things !

This is the free medication that most people forget to have, and it's essential, and there are no harmful side effects ....... unless others hear you and think you've gone senile, but then if they do hear you just wink and smile at them, and they'll smile back ! So you see, you can't loose, you just might make a lot of people smile and you'll feel a lot better for it, which isn't a bad idea after all. lol.

Have a better day today than you had yesterday, and may ever tomorrow be better than the day before it. May you have greater joy, peace and happiness, and may that be infectious to all these around you too. Have a great day !
Great post.

I'd like to emphasise the use of positive phrasing where to state what Will be achieved.

As opposed to negative phrasing, where you state what isn't going to happen, even if you perceive it to be a positive outcome.

+ve Being told to walk tall and straight from point A to B and you will do just that.

Being to walk from point A to B and do not fall.

The brain logically interprets this as Walk from A to B and fall, not. Will result on you falling on your neck at point X. See fig (a).

Fig. (a)

A ......... X ........... X ............X..............XB
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Besides THAT medication does have a side effect, it makes me roll over and fall asleep. (MRS ECK: :angry:).

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How positive to have such a post. You get my applause.:stuck_out_tongue:

While researching for a vaccine for the flu, The scientists in Tel-Aviv. stumbled by chance on a discovery for Alzeimer and brain vascular incidents , not only this
protects against those two conditions but it helps in the symptoms. I do hope the wide scientific world (forgetting their possible prejudices)would give them a chance and put them to the test!

This is what I always hoped: stumbling on a cure for Parkinson's while researching for something else! Wouldn't it be fantastic!