Has anyone been prescribed Sifrol for early stage PD by a neurologist? Or is it just an Australian name for something else? Is it similar in effect to Sinamet?
its the australian name for pramipexole known to the uk as mirapex.
its a dopamine agonist with a fairly high incidence of obsssive behaviour so keep vigilant.
I dont see many forum members using Mirapex (Sifrol). Are there more effective drugs for people like me in early stages? I am beginning to wonder why my neurologist put me on it. Is he up to date?
requip (ropinerole) is not available in australia. this is the next best thing but is pretty good, he is not putting you straight onto levadopa because of long term usage problems. but people typically go onto levadopa about 3 or 4 years after dx. so as you are having problems you might want to ask about it.