hello do other people with pd notice going into a trance?
could it be pd or medication?
hi it could be medication cos i was like that on pregabalin,,extreme fatigue can also take its toll.

I have begun to notice this. It happens to me when I sit down after being active and relax with a cup of tea, I don't doze, it is different but I sit there and pour the tea in my lap.
Hi Norrie. I am on Sinemet and Mirapexin and some days can't even remember my own name.

Have just returned from shopping and cant remember what I have bought. It is almost like having far too much to drink and trying to act sober. On the good side its far cheaper. Today I am particularly bad because I was very late taking the medication this morning.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend despite the weather. on that medication as well, some times
words dont come out, it slured when it does.
i think im going to go on a higher dose
because i feely medication is wearing off too soon,
hi norrie,im on sinemet,mirapexon,and pregablin,for nerve pain in legs and the day time i feel wot i would call,doppy,wont to fall to kip a lot,with no sign it goin to happin.which makes life quite difficult at voice goes slurrey when meds are wearing off also,like drunk.:rolling_eyes:dr says,they help pd,and with neuro pain,but side effects you will have:rolling_eyes:carnt win eh?
I have also noticed my voice is very slurry particularly when I'm tired. Also find I mean to say one thing and something completely different comes out.