I was diagnosed with PD 2 weeks ago and my neurologist wants to put me on a traditional medicine. On doing some research, I have found a herbal substitute that has been used to treat PD in India, for many years. It's called MUCUNA PRURIENS.
It has no side effects and claims to work wonders. Just wondered if anyone else had tried it or has any info about these claims?
Hi Twinks If you type mucuna pruriens into the search our site box it brings up quite a few posts. I was dx 18 months ago and have not yet started on any meds. I have them just reluctant to start. The MP looks interesting and it will be good to see if you get other replies.

Take care

MUCUNA PRURIENS contains the chemical levadopa. This is exactly the same chemical as is in Madopar for example. The only difference is that you don't know the dosage in the bean and it doesn't come with a second chemical that prevents it being absorbed outside the brain. It has all the same side effects as levadopa in a pill - if it gets through to the brain. It may also have a laxative effect.
Hi Im diagnosed a year and on no medication. I am considering going the herbal route. See for more details. The Chinese herbal tradition seems promising for PD. There is also the drug COgane developed from Chinese herbal sources which is due to be trialled at Stage 3 next year if Stage 2 was successful -could be known around March 2013. I am considering it also if I could be accepted on the trial.