I was diagnosed with PD about 18-months ago. Until now I have been on Madopar during the day and Primidone in the evenings. My dyskinesia has become more apparent and I have been switched to Stalevo to try and help with this. After several days I am not convinced that I am seeing any noticeable difference.m Does anyone else have experience of switching medication and was it more/less effective? I am not convinced that the Primidone is particularly useful but one question at a time!
Apologies if this Subject has been covered before.

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I was diagnosed about 20 months ago and put on Madopar - initially low dose, then slightly higher which worked brilliantly until, during lockdown I developed dyskinaesia too and have returned to taking lower dose but more frequently. It has helped with the dyskinaesia although possibly doesn’t have quite as positive effect on other symptoms as higher dose though it varies depending on the day - don’t know if this will be any help for you. I wasn’t on Primidone and don’t know anything about that.